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Peter Hedding

PETER'S POLYPTYCHS Teacher's Templates

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A picture, it's true, is worth a 1000
words, or more. Think of the number
of pictures taken daily these days.
Images, icons, Digital Age digitized
data, contemporary graphemes and
glyphs, all in need of a 1000 word
de'script'ion, which is close to all
the words humans have expressed
since the start of Civilization. The
maturation, or saturation point must
surely come when there will be more
images generated than all forms of
modern communication can ever
describe, every hour! All of which
probably got jump started with the
reverential symbols hand-carved into
trees and rocks; then on to the
sculpted pillars and the rectangular
slabs at Gobekli Tepe; and to the
hieroglyphs, 'holy words', from the
Memphis Temple to Ptah, ancient
Egyptian god of conception and
construction (and the longest
lasting god concept or construct).
The end result being? In a word,
'script', which needs to be described
and used to describe. Descriptions
must be recorded, even encrypted
and decoded, by a scribe. Records
usually end up becoming scripture
of some sort, at some point. Now,
the main point, as always, what is
the best overall type of script for a
scribe to use for scripture beyond
the first sculptures made of wood,
stone, or metal conceived and also
constructed by sculptors, including
the record-keeping of every day civic
and commercial descriptions? Tablet,
parchment, then papyrus in the form
of scrolls ruled the day until the coming
of the 'codex' and 'polyptych'; the first
'book' formats! The prime examples of
which, were always painstakingly
prepared by hand, in total devotion
to holy books and altar displays.
We've come a long way in the last five
centuries or so, but today, interactive,
integrated, and interconnected graphic
organizers are a great way to keep our
heads above the storm surge of the
global flow of information inundation.
The huge new Deluge is underway!.


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